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Why Buy A Hotel In Blackpool?

If you are considering buying a Hotel, Guest House or Bed and Breakfast, why consider buying in Blackpool? 
Blackpool is still one of the busiest resorts in Britain, attracting millions of visitors each year with its famous Blackpool Illuminations, Blackpool Tower and Blackpool Pleasure Beach to name a few. In addition many people still visit Blackpool for conferences, concerts, shows and events making it an “all year round” resort.


How long a season is in Blackpool? 
It is fair to say that is a 9 month season, leaving you the possibility of three months off each year (as well as time during season) if you so choose. You can however take bookings all year if you prefer to cater for a 12 month business period as there are continually shows and events happening here.


Who comes to Blackpool? 
A recent study found that a typical person in the UK will visit Blackpool three times in their life.  Once as a baby, another as a young adult and again as a parent, thus the cycle continues.  Some people return much more as there is something for everybody in Blackpool.


More property for your money. 
The price of property in Blackpool can be relatively lower compared to other parts of the country and yet the trade possibilities much better (if you do things properly!). This makes Blackpool an increasingly popular choice if buying a hotel for the first time.

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